Christ Church Centre Groups

The following groups regularly use the Church Centre:


Art Group Morning Wade Room
Whist Afternoon Mascall Room
Hapkido Evening Mascall Room
Band Evening Wade Room
Zumba Evening Wade Room


Wool Loft 3rd Tuesday Morning in Month Whole Building
Bridge Group Afternoon Mascall Room
Brownies Evening Wade Room
Bike Group 2nd Tuesday Evening in Month McGinley Room
Brass Quintet Pypedream 3rd Tuesday Evening in Month Wade Room


Book Swap Morning Wade Room
Friendship Group Afternoon Mascall Room
Band Evening Wade Room
Hapkido Evening Mascall Room


Slimmers Morning Wade Room
Wool Knit & Natter 2nd Thursday Morning in Month McGinley Room
Scrabble Group Afternoon Mascall Room
Slimmers  Evening Wade Room


Crocodile Theatre Afternoon Wade Room
Folk Group Evening Wade Room